Urban mobility
Made Sustainable.

We are eco-friendly

We like clean cities, that's why we bet on the electric scooter as a sustainable means of transport.

Unique like you

We have personality. We do not settle for the standard and we want to make a difference. 

Made with love

All our boards are made by hand. No mass production. Each custom board is handcrafted in our workshop.




Installation is simple and we send you everything you need. None of our boards for electric scooters will make you lose your warranty, guaranteed!



Our scooter bases are light, super resistant and non-slip. Some models provide more surface to go with the feet in parallel.



Now yes, your scooter goes with you, thanks to the fact that you can design your personalized board yourself, even from your mobile.

Frequent questions

You still have

Do not keep any doubts. We explain everything to you.

What material are the boards made of?

All personalized tables are manufactured in polycarbonate or laser-cut methacrylate.

Are they resistant?

Much! Especially the polycarbonate bases. Did you know that polycarbonate is the material used in ballistic shields? Almost unbreakable!

Will you sell my design to another client?

Never. If you have configured a design using your own images, no other client will be able to use them.

Do you have your own designs?

In our tool to design your custom table you can find about 100 images provided by us and connection with the Unsplash and Burst galleries.

I have a business and I need a special design

Our team of designers can make a special design for your business. In that case, get in touch at [email protected]

You don't have boards for my scooter model

We add new models constantly. If yours still does not appear, contact us and we will take it into account.

Design your table

Check out this video tutorial on how to design your own table with our table designer!
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